Drawing Near

We are happy to see the registrations rolling in at an increasing pace. We are also happy to see that some adventurous Campers have begun posting their proposals for sessions for THATCamp Florida 2014. Now it is time for the rest of you to jump in and post your proposals.  You can learn more about sessions proposals and the process for submitting them here.

A quick note on our proceedings for THATCamp: as an unconference the final schedule for the weekend will be decided the morning of the 15th when we gather for breakfast. There will be a whiteboard with a schedule grid and you can all slot in your sessions when/where you feel they would fit best. Keep in mind that there will concurrent breakout sessions throughout the weekend as well as Workshops that are more formal in nature. So, as with any conference, you will not be able to make every session in full. However, unlike most conferences, THATCamp encourages participants to move about during sessions as they feel it appropriate. The schedule of Workshops that will be offered is still coming together. We will post it here when it is ready, which should be some time next week.

The general schedule framework is as follows: Saturday morning we will meet for coffee and a light breakfast at 8:30 AM and begin working through the schedule for the weekend. The first sessions will start at 9:30. We will break for lunch (provided) for an hour at 12:30 PM and end the final session period on Saturday at 4:300 PM. NOTE: There is a complimentary reception at the Hotel from 5:00 until 6:30, so please plan to join us for that. On Sunday we will kick it off again at 8:30 AM and wrap things up for the day at 12:00 PM, ending THATCamp Florida for 2014.

Let us know if you have any questions via Twitter @thatcampfl or via email: markhlong at ucf dot edu.