Got Data?

I’ve seen lately that a lot of people are interested in doing creative, hack-a-thon-y things with data they’ve got. Let’s share some data-wrangling expertise?

  • Post a dataset, and data-wranglers might:
  • Suggest better ways to structure the data
  • Convert it into code-friendly designs
  • Get creative about what could be done with it

Idea is to take data and mix it with people who like to work with data in all forms, and make it more happy for both!

UPDATE: Due to the snow, my flight was canceled so I won’t be able to attend THATCamp. If someone wants to adopt this session idea, please go ahead and I’ll watch from afar! (Larry?)

One Response to Got Data?

  1. Thanks Patrick – I love the idea for this session! I strongly encourage history lovers who may not think of themselves as code/data geeks to join us. Ultimately, we have to structure the data and present it so that it’s useful, and not just geek-tastic 😉