Ann McGregor

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I am a teacher, learner, & nature-loving earth mama with a techno-geeky twist.

As a Montessori Middle School teacher and private tutor, I shared my love for the environment and all things science and math with my students every day. I facilitated a program that integrated academic knowledge, the skills of self-expression, technical and scientific studies, and community experience.

I de-mystify technology through my work as president of RadTek, a computer consulting company. My unique blend of communications and technological skills merges with a deep knowledge of and appreciation for the environment to provide an opportunity to use technology in new and exciting ways.

I also have a life-long commitment to community service, with a special focus on the arts and outdoor/ fitness based groups.

My passion is to make the complicated simple, by breaking things down into easily manageable pieces — whether it’s a networked computer system, a weekend Annual Meeting, a mountain bike tour or an outdoor biology class.