Got Data?

I’ve seen lately that a lot of people are interested in doing creative, hack-a-thon-y things with data they’ve got. Let’s share some data-wrangling expertise?

  • Post a dataset, and data-wranglers might:
  • Suggest better ways to structure the data
  • Convert it into code-friendly designs
  • Get creative about what could be done with it

Idea is to take data and mix it with people who like to work with data in all forms, and make it more happy for both!

UPDATE: Due to the snow, my flight was canceled so I won’t be able to attend THATCamp. If someone wants to adopt this session idea, please go ahead and I’ll watch from afar! (Larry?)

Welcome to THATCamp Florida 2014!

Welcome to the Fourth Annual THATCamp Florida website.  The History Department and the RICHES program at the University of Central Florida, in cooperation with the UCF Center for Research and Education in Arts, Technology + Entertainment (Create), and the Center for Humanities and Digital Research will be hosting a regional THATCamp on the weekend of February 15-16, 2014 in sunny Orlando.  The gathering will involve about 75 people drawn broadly from the Humanities and will include Professors, Librarians, Graduate Students and interested parties (writers, musicians, etc.) who are engaged in sorting through the many and varied ways that our broadly shared disciplines intersect with emerging technologies.  It is our hope that the two-day affair at Create will offer a stimulating and energizing atmosphere which will foster a fruitful exchange of ideas as well as collaborative work among attendees. If you are interested in attending this year’s THATCamp Florida you will need to register in advance. We also encourage you to begin thinking about what you would like to discuss at THATCamp and to submit a proposal for a session that is designed to address your interests/needs in the Digital Humanities, broadly defined. There is a length discussion of the proposal process on the page linked above.

We are excited to be hosting another great weekend of informal conversation and learning about the Digital Humanities and are looking forward to assembling a broad and diverse group of Campers from around the state.